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Registration FAQS

Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Charter School for Science and Technology?

    The application process to enroll at MLK School is easy, simply click the link under our Admission tab titled NOLA PS Application or visit this link at and complete the short online application provided by NOLA Public Schools.  Online Open Enrollment starts June 5, 2024.  Families seeking a K – 12 school placement seat at MLK School or wishing to change their current placement to MLK School should participate in online Open Enrollment through September 13.

  • What grade levels does MLK School offer?

    We offer PK4 – 8 at our elementary site and 9 – 12 at our high school site.

  • Is Dr. MLK School public or private?

    We are a public school that offers open enrollment.  Students must currently reside in Orleans Parish to attend.

  • Does MLK require students to wear uniforms?

    Yes, all students are expected to be in full school uniform daily.  Here are the uniform requirements and a list of vendors where they can be purchased.


    MLK Elementary: MLK High School:
    White Shirt with MLK School Logo

    (Red Shirt for students in grades 6th – 8th)

    Khaki Bottoms

    (NO shorts for students in 4th – 8th grades)

    All Black Shoes

    (NO boots, clogs, slides, sandals)

    Black/White Socks

    Black Belt

    White or Gray Shirt with MLK School Logo

    Black Shirt w/MLK School Logo (12th ONLY)

    Girls- Red Plaid Bottoms (Skirts or Pants)

    Boys – Black Bottoms (Pants)

    Black or White Socks

    Black Belt

    Red/Black/White/Gray Sweaters, Jackets) NO Hoodies

    Shoes Optional (NO slippers, clogs, slides, sandals, boots, and/or open toe)

    School uniforms can be purchased at the following businesses:

    UNIFORMS PLUS (Patches for Shirts)
    Click here to order online and get discounted prices for all MLK students.

  • How do I register my child?

    Once you have received your assignment to Dr. MLK School, you can register by:

  • If I have multiple children, do I need to complete more than one registration?

    Yes, you will need to submit a registration for each student that will be attending Dr. MLK School; However, all students that you register will be easily linked to your one family registration portal.

  • What documents do I need to complete registration?

    Student’s Birth Certificate
    Student’s Immunization Records
    Parent/Legal Guardian Picture Identification Card
    Legal Guardianship Papers (if applicable)
    Two Current Proofs of Residency (acceptable proofs of residency listed)

    • Utility Bill (electric, water, gas, cable, phone, internet)
    • Current Signed Rental Lease
    • Mortgage Statement
    • Homestead Exemption Form or Property Tax Bill
    • Government Issued Letters

    If an affidavit of residency is needed, please click link and complete Louisiana Affidavit of Residency:

    • The affidavit of residency must be notarized.
    • Two proofs of residency in the name listed on the affidavit must also be submitted.
    • A copy of the driver`s license for the parent/legal guardian and/or the homeowner/lessee listed on the affidavit must be included.

    Student’s Recent/Final Report Card, Transcript, School Withdrawal Form (grades 1 – 12)
    Student’s Standardized Test Scores (if applicable)
    Student’s IEP, IAP/504 Plan (if applicable)
    Parent/Legal Guardian Proof of Income (PK students only)

    • Check Stubs
    • SNAP Benefits
    • Unemployment Benefits/Decision Letter
    • Social Security/Disability Benefits
    • Child/Alimony Support

    Social Security Card (optional)
    Test scores (If applicable)
    IEP/504 plan (if applicable)

  • Can I complete registration in another language?

    Online forms are available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Thai, and Vietnamese. You can click the language tab and select your choice.

  • How can I submit my student’s documents?

    When completing your registration for Dr. MLK School, you have the option to upload pictures of documents or bringing the required documents in-person to either of our school sites or our district office (information below).

    MLK Elementary School (PK-8)
    1617 Fats Domino Avenue NOLA 70117

    King High School (9-12)
    5300 Shirley Taylor Street NOLA 70117

    Friends of King School District Office (PK-12)
    1617 Fats Domino Avenue NOLA 70117
    (In the building with the public library)

  • I completed the information online, but I got an error message.

    After you sign and submit your Dr. MLK School registration, this will typically occur because you have missed a required field and/or you have not submitted all the required documents. Don’t be alarmed, you will be provided with a list of the errors, the sections of the registration form where the errors need to be corrected, and which documents need to be submitted. You can easily go back to the section by selecting it from the list on the left top of the screen. Then you can make the needed corrections and/or upload missing documents.

  • I need help uploading documents.

    No worries, please visit one of our school sites or our district office and one of our admission team members will assist you with your Dr. MLK School registration.

  • I need to change an answer to a form I already submitted.

    Once you have created your online registration account for Dr. MLK School, you can always go back and update information.

  • My child has been promoted in 8th grade from Dr. MLK Elementary, do I have to apply or register for him/her to attend Dr. MLK High?

    No, students moving from Dr. MLK middle school and advancing to Dr. MLK High do not have to apply or register. All school records will be sent to high school for 9th grade scheduling.

  • How old does my child have to be to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten?

    Students enrolling at Dr. MLK School must turn four by September 30th in the year they enrolling into pre-kindergarten.

  • How old does my child have to be to enroll in Kindergarten?

    Students enrolling at Dr. MLK School must turn five by September 30th in the year they enrolling into kindergarten.

  • How old does my child have to be to enroll in First Grade?

    Students registering in first grade at Dr. MLK School must be 6 years old by September 30th and must have proof of attendance at a full-day public or private kindergarten class for a full academic year or have passed academic readiness screening to be eligible for first grade.

  • Can my child enroll if she has a disability?

    Yes, your child is welcome!  Dr. MLK School’s Exceptional Student Services Department follows federal and state laws regarding the education of students with disabilities as well as those who are identified as Gifted and/or Talented. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age.